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Now, you might just be aware of the great track by Whisky Stain without realising it. It’s recently been used as the sound bed on the promo trailers for Season 3 of Ray Donovan, the US drama series that airs on Sky Atlantic here in the UK. Starting with a pounding drum beat, this blues-tinged rocker has a confessional, almost gospel-feel to it, and it cuts through with clean, minimalist production, showcasing a brilliant guitar riff that’ll stick in your head after that very first play. It’s one that the lads from Royal Blood would probably be proud to add to their collection too. All in all, it’s a wonderful combination and although they formed in 2011, it’s a superb introduction to the duo for most of us. They currently divide their time between Nottingham and London and next visit the capital on August 28, when they’ll launch the single at their gig at The Finsbury. Cunningly stuffed with countless hooks and tight harmonies that burst through with every play, we bet many British guitar acts would kill for an anthem this good in their own live set right now.





Posted by popped music on August 19, 2015


Well if you want a track that is heavily laden in blues with a huge bloody thwack around the face of rock n roll then look no further. Whisky Stain (great band name!) have delivered. They have delivered  their new track The Lord’s Revolver, and with it hefty scuzzy bass lines that definitely make you want to rise up.


The Lord’s Revolver is out on 28th August on I’m Not From London Records.

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Gigslutz - Tracks Of The Week, 28.07.15


Hailing from London and Nottingham, rock duo Whisky Stain have been rapidly gaining attention with their latest single, ‘The Lord’s Revolver’. Having been featured on the promotional campaign for season three of US drama ‘Ray Donovan’, news of the pair’s raw rock sound is starting to spread like wildfire.


Although compared to – perhaps the most famous rock duo around at the moment – Royal Blood, the sound that Whisky Stain create is actually pretty unique. As pounding beats resound alongside raucous riffs, what the vocals offer is what makes ‘The Lord’s Revolver’ so special.


With an almost hymn or religious chant-like quality, intense melodies are sung with sincerity, gliding over the climactic rock anthem that lies underneath. And, as eerie harmonies flow, it becomes clear that ‘The Lord’s Revolver’ is no ordinary offering.

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